Construction Mediation

Construction Mediation is a service delivered by mediator and conflict coach Kate Russell of Adelaide Conflict Management and builder and building consultant Chris Edgar of Red Dog Building and Renovations.

Construction Mediation exists to resolve disputes in the construction industry, relating to:

  • Payment
  • Quality of work
  • Timeliness
  • Any other grievances

Both parties share the cost of mediation equally and prices are on a sliding scale, dependent on value of dispute and complexity regardless if a settlement is reached. 

Mediator + Builder = Resolution

The combination of an experienced building industry professional and mediator means that your dispute can be settled quickly and fairly.

  • Tradie must provide evidence of their licence
  • Both parties provide details of the dispute and supporting documentation evidence before mediation
  • On-site inspections can be undertaken
  • Australian industry standards to be applied

Mediation rules apply.

  • Parties must sign an agreement to mediate
  • Negotiations are confidential (can’t rely on any information gleaned through mediation in court)
  • Must be a real attempt to resolve the issue