About Adelaide Conflict Management

What We Do

Adelaide Conflict Management (ACM) understands conflict.  We understand what triggers conflict and how best to manage it.  We understand that conflict situations are complex because people are complex; but that every conflict situation provides us with so much valuable information. That conflict is a gift; it is telling us that there is a problem; and you can do something with that information/problem once it is on the table.

We also know that conflict often arises when people are really stressed.  It’s hard to be “our best selves” when we are under the pump.  Working long hours, feeling run down, and not sleeping well, all increases our stress levels which often manifests in conflict – at home or at work.  And when we don’t deal with that conflict, it swims around and around in our head. We worry, we overthink the problem and we often don’t sleep very well. It impacts on how we deal with other areas of our life.

At ACM we believe that our stress levels are reduced when we deal with things.  We always feel better when we resolve issues. When we rip off the band aid and have those difficult conversations.  So often we discover once we have had the conversation that the situation wasn’t as bad as we first thought, that we may have misjudged the situation or that we misread the intention of the other person.  Even if the “difficult conversation” is really difficult at least the matter has been aired and dealt with.

A successful outcome from a difficult conversation might be that the relationship is restored, that you find a way to work together or to finish a project.  At other times, a successful outcome is to recognise that the relationship is over but that both parties have had the opportunity to have their say.  The walk away knowing that they have dealt with the issue and they can move on.

Workplace Mediation

Unresolved conflict in the workplace is expensive, really expensive. It generally costs the business a lot of money in lost productivity, as the staff engaged or affected by the conflict are often distracted at work, spending a lot of their work day either worrying and/or gossiping and morale is often reduced. This often leads to increased workloads for managers as the team is not performing well and some staff may end up taking unplanned leave and worse still is that the problems are handballed either sideways or up the line as people try and avoid having to actually deal with the issue.

However, we know that when teams work well together they can produce results that are significantly greater than the sum of their parts. They will have each other’s backs and they will care for each other. This will result in people wanting to come to work and taking less unplanned leave. The team will be more creative, the standard of work will improve and systems will be followed. It’s good for the organisation and it’s good for the individuals in the team.

At (ACM) we provide ongoing coaching to managers and team leaders as to how to manage better manage conflict in the workplace by helping managers become more self-aware and empathetic.  And we also work with teams and managers to build conflict resilient workplaces. We teach staff how to start those difficult conversations and we explore what the staff need in order to feel safe when difficult issues need to be discussed.

However, if the conflict is entrenched or a conflict crisis occurs, then ACM can assist by mediating the dispute or facilitating a conversation between team members.

Our focus is on building stronger and more resilient teams, training and supporting managers to better manage conflict in their teams and to provide all staff with the opportunity to develop skills which will enhance their day to day performance at work.

Construction Mediation

We deal with a lot of tradies through our Tools Down programme.  One of the significant issues for tradies is cash flow.  However sometimes they end up not getting paid for jobs, or not getting paid properly due to an unresolved dispute.

On the other hand, there are some customers who end up in a dispute with their builder because of workmanship, significant delays and/or inadequate contracts.  They don’t know how to get the matter resolved.

So in line with our belief that stress is resolved if you “deal with stuff”, ACM have partnered with Red Dog Building and Renovations to create a service specifically to deal with these issues.

Click here for more information about this service.

A safe place for a difficult conversation

One of the main reasons people don’t deal with conflict is that they don’t know how to start a “difficult” conversation and because they are scared of how that conversation is going to go.

If we believe that its important to “deal with stuff” then we need to provide an environment that makes it safe to do just that.  ACM provides a safe space for those difficult conversations.