As I have previously admitted – I have to admit that I have been very rude to people who knock on my door trying to sell me energy, food or their brand of religion.

This is particularly so when they knock on the door during a week day.

I do a lot of my work from home. I am often on the phone to clients who are distressed or who are telling me their life story. They need my full attention and I need a quiet environment.

I also have two dogs, Doug and Margaret. They are small dogs (don’t judge).  They get very excited if someone comes to the front door. (Please no emails telling me to train my dogs better – I know, I know).

So from time to time, someone knocks on the door. There is a whirlwind of activity and noise; my phone call and my concentration is disrupted. And I arrive at the front door with a bad attitude and things go downhill from there.

And I am completely to blame for this situation.

One – I have two dogs that get over-excited and I haven’t trained them to not react.

Two – I choose to work from home so I should expect that people are going to knock on the door; and

Three – I have done nothing to stop people knocking on my door.

Once upon a time I did create a sign that said “I am working. Please do not knock on the door unless you are bringing me a delivery of something I ordered online” or words to that effect. I never put that sign up.

But I should put up a sign; I should create that boundary. I should give anybody coming to the house during the day the heads up that I don’t want to be disturbed and that I am not interested in anything you have to sell me. Then I don’t have to be disturbed and they don’t have to waste their time knocking on my door just to be told “no thank you”. 

I cannot complain about people knocking on my door if I am not prepared to do something about it.

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