My family were not big on holidays when I was a kid.  We didn’t have any money and Mum and Dad weren’t very fond of each other most of the time; so we didn’t go away often.

But we did go on a couple of “big” holidays.  The first holiday was to Broken Hill to see Dad’s family home. That was an OK holiday. We were quite little and we had a few adventures.  The second was to Leigh Creek (I kid you not).

In both cases, Mum and Dad – actually it was probably just Dad – decided that we were going on a holiday and this is where we were going. No discussion was entered into regarding the destination. No one was asked what we wanted to do.

Dad was exhausted. He needed a break. We all just had to go for the ride.

I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty but the trip to Leigh Creek was a disaster.  It was the mid 70s.  Our big family holiday was to travel to the original Leigh Creek (not the new fancy Leigh Creek) in the middle of summer.

Picture this, five people sitting in the baby poo coloured Galant that didn’t have air conditioning travelling to a very basic house (again no air conditioning) in a fairly desolate mining town on the edge of a desert. A long, sweaty, unbearable car ride with three kids in the back saying “don’t breathe on me”, “don’t look at me”.  I can’t even…

On the up side, I saw my very first live snake on this holiday.

We were meant to stay a week. We lasted three days. It was torture.

This all happened in the 70s. It was a different time. Kids didn’t have much of a say. Kids weren’t consulted much. (And my dad wasn’t so great at taking holidays).

But we do things differently now.  If we go on holidays we are more likely to get buy in from the whole family.

The parents might say, “hey, we’ve decided to go to the Gold Coast for a week in the holidays. What do you want to do when we get there?” The parents might show them photos of all the things you can do at the Gold Coast. They might create a Facebook page so they can track all the things they want to do when they get there.  They might ask the kids to help them plan what they’re going to do on each day. They build up the trip and everyone is really excited.  They plan, they dream and they count down the days until the holiday.

Do that in business. Be clear about where you are going and when you want to be there. Take people with you. Get their buy in. Make them excited. Include them in the decision making process.

It will be a much better and more enjoyable journey if your team is traveling with you. And they will love you for it.

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