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Workplace Detox: how to create harmony in your workplace

Are you exhausted at the end of the day – but still take work home with you because you couldn’t get anything done during the day?

Do you have a constant stream of staff at your door, day in and day out, wanting you to help them with a problem or to help them manage a conflict they are involved in?

Are most of those problems, their problems? Are your staff wanting you to manage their interpersonal relationships with their colleagues and/or customers?

We can help you better manage those situations.

Many managers and team leaders tell me that they spend most of the day dealing with other people’s problems. They encourage their staff to deal with their own issues; but their staff still tend to handball most of their problems sideways or up the line.

It creates a lot of work for management, is hugely unproductive and doesn’t usually resolve the conflicts between the parties.

How do we ensure that minor issues and/or conflicts are resolved quickly so that they don’t have a negative impact on the workplace?

Do you want help to create a more productive and harmonious workplace?

What will be covered in the webinar:

  • What motivates people to want to work in the first place? What makes people love the work they do so that they want to be there
  • Identifying the stressors in your workplace and what role they play on reducing harmony and productivity?
  • How being aware of the values and needs of you and your team will dramatically help you better manage your staff when you are all under the pump.
  • How to set boundaries for yourself and your staff.
  • How to create a safe workplace where it is the norm for people to speak up.

Managing Bullying in the Workplace

Do you have a person in your workplace with an abrasive personality? Are they sometimes referred to as a “bully”?

Do you feel that everyone just tolerates their behaviour because they don’t how to deal with it? Do you, as an organisation, walk on egg shells most of the time, trying not to upset a leader or staff member who is known to bite people’s heads off or who is often sarcastic and rude?

This webinar will help you and your organisation gain a greater understanding of what is going on for that person? How a person’s abrasive behaviour is a learned behaviour which means that it can be changed.

After working with people in high levels of conflict over many years, we have learned that people who are deemed to be “bullies” are often unaware of how they are perceived by their team because no-one tells them what is going on. They’re not given an opportunity to change or improve their behaviour.

This webinar will give you the tools to start that conversation. Everyone will be grateful that this issue is being addressed.

Cost: Free

Date: Thursday 31 May

Time: 12 pm

Powernoodle – Powerful Stakeholder Engagement software – what’s it all about?

Do you want to know what your staff are really thinking?

Do you want to take your workplace culture from good to great? Do you want to truly engage your staff and get buy in before you introduce major changes? Do you value your staff and want to provide them with a safe way to give you feedback?

Adelaide Conflict Management is licensed to use Powernoodle. It is sophisticated stakeholder engagement software that uses the power of anonymity to get real feedback from your team or other stakeholders. Any comments made cannot be traced and as such staff, board members or other stakeholders can openly and safely provide feedback or make comments on issues that important to them. Powernoodle can also be used to make important decisions and can provide everyone with a voice; not just management.

Cost: Free

Date: Thursday 17 May

Time: 12 pm