Do you have a conflict crisis?

Have the issues between your staff reached crisis level? Is productivity at an all-time low due to a recent blow-up between two or more staff? Have you run out of ideas as to how to deal with this dispute?

The Conflict Coach can provide bespoke mediation services. We know that a one-off mediation between two parties is unlikely to resolve a conflict between two staff members once and for all.

We work with the parties but we also work with and support management through this difficult period for long term outcomes that everyone can live with.

Do you spend most of your day putting out fires? Are you managing a team that struggles to get their work done due to ongoing conflict and drama? A team in conflict creates a huge amount of work for management. Teams engaged in conflict are unproductive, ineffective and stressed out. There is often an increase in unplanned leave and meeting deadlines becomes problematic. Team members can also spend a lot of the day gossiping and worrying about what is going to happen next. They are looking for evidence that confirms their suspicions that things are going wrong and that their teammates are trying to undermine them.

We can help teams develop a better understanding of what is triggering the conflict; identify what unites them and develop strategies about how to better manage conflict so that they can get on with the job.

Do you want to get more out of your team?

Teams That Thrive is a practical and engaging 12-month program which details step-by-step processes you can implement in your workplace to significantly improve your relationship with your team and their relationships with each other.

In just the first three months you will feel significantly more confident as a leader and better able to manage all the issues that leaders have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. How to deal with conflict situations when they arise
    This is a step by step process as to how to deal with a conflict situation when it arises. When followed this process is proven to diffuse the majority of conflict situations whilst at the same time ensuring that everyone feels safe and respected in the moment.
  2. How to get your staff to do what you ask of them
    You will learn what motivates people to do a good job; how to delegate effectively and how focusing on the positive is so powerful.
  3. How to better manage everyone’s expectations
    You will learn that clarity is your friend. The more you can clearly express what you want the easier it is for your team to meet those expectations. And your expectations need to be aligned with your vision. There needs to be a clear purpose for everything you do.