The catch cry of many busy people is “let’s do lunch” as they rush to their next meeting; but more often than not they don’t get around to it. In fact there are so many people I would like to have lunch with that I have decided to do it in a group format!

I have also met so many amazing people in the last year and I am keen to introduce everybody to everybody.

Let’s Do Lunch provides an opportunity for people to develop new business relationships in a fun and relaxed setting.

There will only ever be 12 people in attendance, so you will have an opportunity to get to know everyone a whole lot better over the 90 minutes. Everyone will have the opportunity to talk about what they do, what their current challenges are and what type of opportunities they are looking for. You never know who you might meet and where these new relationships might end up. Collaborations are us!

Bring your business cards, be prepared to share and enjoy the company of some wonderful people.