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An all too common scenario: two good friends go into business together. They create a company, the split the costs, and they excitedly work out what they are going to sell, how they are going to price their product and who is going to take responsibility for the various tasks — all good. Until something […]

Defrosting the freezer

We have possibly the oldest freezer in the country.  It’s a small freezer that is the twin of our fridge. They would be about 20 years old, and they perfectly fit into the spot that was designed just for them. There is no way we could find a fridge and freezer to fit into these […]

Thanks, Dad

Last night I had a dream — one of those really clear dreams that I could remember straight away. It was about Dad.  I was in a big auditorium with him, and there was this big crowd of adults and children.  We had just found out that we had to present to them and we […]

Fisty cuffs

I have recently been involved in assisting two parties who engaged in a physical fight that occurred on the work site during working hours to come together, work through their difference and find a way to be able to work together again. This is a remarkable situation.  Not because the parties engaged in a physical […]

Sucked in

I see it all the time. We just can’t help ourselves.   Someone says something rude or cruel in the heat of the moment and we take the bait and we jump in and take offence and may say something rude and cruel back. And it’s on. The gloves go on and the conflict begins. […]

Pressure points

I am an elite athlete – NOT!   According to all the health professionals who I need to see on a regular basis just to keep me upright, I have hyper-flexible joints or muscles or… something. I also have lazy glutes and a dodgy back. In fact I was told about 15 years ago that […]

Bad dog

The other morning I was walking my dogs, Doug and Margaret. It was pretty early, about 6.30 am. We were nearing the end of the walk when I saw a woman with a biggish dog on a lead walking towards us. Now, I am a terrible and irresponsible dog owner, my dogs are not properly […]

Overdue for a service?

I finally got my car serviced. It was overdue for a service by a couple of months and a few thousand clicks. I kept putting it off. I didn’t have time. I had other more important things to do. It was going to cost a lot of money. I’m not a car person. These things […]