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Cops on the plane

I am on a plane travelling to Melbourne. We are sitting on the tarmac.  The plane has pulled back and just as you think that we are about to get going the captain comes on over the speaker and says that due to some unforeseen circumstances we have to go back to the airport. We […]

The dog did it

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were staying in Port Elliott, our favourite place in the world. It was a wet and cold weekend but we somehow missed the rain every time we went for a walk. On one of our walks we noticed a family and their dog near a pond […]

Conflict is not a dirty word

I reckon conflict gets a bad rap. I reckon that conflict is a word that is regularly misunderstood. People tell me that they think I’ve made a mistake having ‘conflict’ in my business name – too negative they say. People don’t like conflict, they say. They’re right, many people don’t like conflict. They run away […]

Feeling uncomfortable

A while back I watched the latest royal wedding. I thought Meghan’s dress was stunning. I thought the music and gospel choir and Meghan walking up the aisle by herself most of the way was awesome. But I have to admit that I felt very uncomfortable when Rev Curry spoke. Not because of what he […]

When will we learn?

Poor Doug had to be groomed the other day. Doug is one of my dogs. He’s a Maltese Shitzu and his “sister from another mister” is Margaret, she’s a Maltese Shitzu x Poodle. They both have to be groomed on a regular basis. They hate it. Doug in particular has a little breakdown every time […]


The threat of violence

My dad said once, “The threat of violence is usually worse than actual violence”. Living in fear that there might be violence is terrifying, even if there is no personal violence towards you. My dad told me this as he apologised for all the threats of violence we had experienced throughout our childhood. My dad […]