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For Georgie

Today is Georgie’s birthday. Georgie is my daughter. She is a wonderful young adult in the prime of her life. Georgie has taught me more about love than anyone else in my life. Georgie has, over the years, pushed my buttons in ways that no-one else ever has. I have spent an extraordinary amount of […]

7 steps to create a positive culture

We’ve all heard it… colleagues spending countless hours whining and whinging about the things other people/management do/don’t do/should do/could do… It’s exhausting to listen to and it’s unproductive. These conversations are often petty and destabilising to management and teams. Endless gossipy conversations within a team reflect a negative workplace culture and diminish the capacity of […]

My football team lost

My football team lost on the weekend. I was incredibly disappointed. My husband and I had travelled to Melbourne to see them play. They have so much potential. They recruited well. They have amazing skills. We were so excited to go to the game. But they lost. I read the blogs, listened to the fans […]

Who’s the boss?

I have worked with a number of family businesses where the chain of command is hard to distinguish. There are often two or three members of the family who appear to be running the business but there is no real structure and it slows down the decision making process. Alternatively, a parent is supposedly the Managing Director […]

When it comes to family business disputes, what are your client’s most urgent needs?

I recently attended a great workshop by Bernie Mayer entitled “Getting to the Heart of Conflict”. Bernie is a significant thought leader in the area of managing conflict. Two specific issues he raised during that workshop really struck a chord with me with respect to my family business dispute clients. Firstly, our clients often have […]