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I’m tired

There is a saying that keeps coming into my mind “I’m tired”. I say it all the time. Now, being the queen of overworking, this is hardly surprising but the reality is I don’t think that I am actually tired most of the time. I think I am bored. For more years than I wish […]

Focus on the behaviour you want

I recently spent the weekend with my grandsons. They are both adorable. The oldest is nearly two. A toddler. A full on toddler with a seriously strong and direct throwing arm.  The youngest is only a couple of months old. As you can imagine life is pretty full on. Never a dull moment. I am […]

I’ve got something to tell you

I am part of this networking group where we meet every Friday for breakfast. It’s a great group and I thoroughly enjoy going. I don’t eat many carbs because I can put on weight just by looking at donut. So every Friday I have the same breakfast which includes cooked spinach. Now I don’t know […]

I have the best job

Warning: self serving blog.   I have been having so much fun lately. I have been running a lot of workshops lately and I’ve been having a ball. It’s my happy place. I love creating the plan, working out what the team needs and how to best meet their needs. I love meeting the team […]

Christmas in July

This week my family is going to celebrate Christmas in July (in June).  It’s an end of financial year Christmas in July extravaganza. We do it for the fun, the decorations, the bad jumpers, the scrumptious food and the opportunity to get the family together. It’s become a ritual.  An important event in our family […]

What’s going on?

I am sitting in our car waiting to disembark from the Spirit of Tasmania.  We are on our way to Launceston to watch our boys (Port Adelaide) play Hawthorn – an important game for both teams. What a great voyage. My first and only “cruise” so far. Best sleep I’ve had in ages. What they […]

What she said…

Sometimes I doubt myself. Sometimes when I am in a group situation we are faced with a difficult problem to solve.  We start discussing it and I start mulling over some possible solutions. I am just thinking about what I would do next in this difficult situation and make a suggestion and then… bang – […]