About Adelaide Conflict Management

Adelaide Conflict Management (ACM) is committed to supporting managers and team leaders to reduce the incidence of conflict in the workplace to maximise productivity and minimise staff turnover.

Unresolved conflict in the workplace dramatically increases costs as staff are often distracted, spend unproductive time gossiping and morale is reduced.

However, we know that when teams work well they can produce results that are significantly greater than the sum of their parts. They will have each other’s backs and they will care for each other. This will result in people wanting to come to work and taking less unplanned leave. It’s good for the organisation and it’s good for the individuals in the team.

We train managers and team leaders in how to manage a crisis and effectively deal with conflict which has the long-term benefit of building resilience.

ACM provides a range of services to reduce the incidence of conflict in the workplace which includes: coaching managers and leaders to better understand what triggers conflict and how to deal with it; workplace culture analysis; workplace mediation; facilitated team meetings; team building; performance management coaching; alternate dispute resolution in general; conflict coaching; and the implementation of conflict management systems.

ACM focuses on the interpersonal relationships between staff. We analyse what triggers conflict within a particular workplace and provide the staff and management with the tools to deal with it in the moment and to avoid conflict in the future.

Our focus is on building stronger and more resilient teams, training and supporting managers to better manage conflict in their teams and to provide all staff with the opportunity to develop skills which will enhance their day to day performance at work.

ACM’s director, Kate Russell, is passionate about ensuring all staff have a voice in the workplace and that staff feel they work in a safe and productive environment.

Kate Russell

Conflict Coach and Director of Adelaide Conflict Management

Kate Russell is an accredited mediator (Resolution Institute) and trained conflict management coach (CINERGY ™) with over twenty-five years’ experience working with people dealing with conflict.

Kate has also worked as a consultant, facilitator, trainer, and run her own production company (The Factory) in the last seventeen years.

Since becoming an accredited mediator in 2006, Kate has conducted numerous workplace mediations; assisted a variety of organisations to improve workplace culture and manage conflict more effectively and created and run team building days to help teams work better together.

She has also produced a number of training videos including, Child Focused Dreaming (a modern Aboriginal dream time story encouraging parents to make child focused decisions in family law disputes), From the Bush to the City (a film to assist Aboriginal people move from the bush to areas like Port Augusta); and Single Session Family Consultation (a video for Headspace on conducting family consultative meetings).

Kate is passionate about building up teams, ensuring everyone gets a voice and is noticed and that teams find time to strengthen their interpersonal relationships. She enjoys using her creative problem solving skills to determine the best way to help organisations and teams to be more productive, effective and reduce staff turnover.

Kate has a great sense of fun, is sensitive to the needs of the group, likes to think outside the square and most importantly, is a great listener.