I am part of this networking group where we meet every Friday for breakfast. It’s a great group and I thoroughly enjoy going.

I don’t eat many carbs because I can put on weight just by looking at donut. So every Friday I have the same breakfast which includes cooked spinach.

Now I don’t know about you, but the older I have got the more food that gets stuck in my teeth. They are now a magnet for food; in particular cooked spinach.

These days I spend my life checking my teeth in a mirror or on my phone – so that I don’t embarrass myself in front of clients.

Last Friday, like nearly every Friday, I ate my spinach, talked to lots of people and had a great time. As I walked out the door one of my fellow networkers turned to me and said quietly, “you have a bit of food in your teeth”.  

At that moment I realised that I had spent the last 30 minutes talking to a number of people with a great big piece of spinach on one of my front teeth. I was off to meet a new client.

I am so grateful for my friend for telling me about the food in my teeth. I was rushing, so I may have gone off to meet my new client without the usual check of my teeth.

It was no biggie for her to tell me about the spinach. She didn’t make a fuss.  She was looking out for me; she had my back. She would want to know if she had food in her teeth.

Often we need to give feedback to a team member and we worry about them feeling embarrassed; we worry that we will make them feel uncomfortable. We don’t want to upset anyone.  Chances are they would much rather know there is a problem so they can do something about it.

Just say it, quietly, with little fuss and a smile so that they know that you care.

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