There is a saying that keeps coming into my mind “I’m tired”. I say it all the time.

Now, being the queen of overworking, this is hardly surprising but the reality is I don’t think that I am actually tired most of the time. I think I am bored.

For more years than I wish to remember I have had a Government contract to do some very well paid work. It is difficult work dealing with complex issues, which is why I get paid well to do it.

My problem is that I now find it hard to get enthused about doing this work; I lose energy very quickly when I sit down to do this work. In fact I often want to go and have a nap within a short period of time.

I struggle with the process which is very structured and formal. There is little scope to adapt the process to meet the specific needs of the individuals and some people can legitimately use the process as a weapon rather than a valid tool to solve a problem.

So now every time I catch myself saying “I’m tired” I stop myself and ask am I really tired or am I disenchanted with this work or am I feeling disengaged?

Many managers complain to me that their staff are disengaged. That statement always raises a red flag for me. Why is that staff member disengaged? What is it about the work, the culture, the structure or the like that is having such a profound impact on this staff member? Do they think they are required to do too much work for the money they are paid; is someone else in the organisation getting special treatment? Is there anything you, as their manager, can do to change their circumstances, or is that they are just in the wrong job for their skill set or their main driver, their purpose?

I don’t believe people want to be disengaged at work. I don’t think people want to underperform. There is a reason for why this happening. Go on the journey and explore the issues.

And I need to do something about doing work that is no longer a good fit for me so I can stop telling everyone that “I’m tired”.



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