Being a leader is probably one of the hardest roles a person can have.

It comes with so much responsibility.

We are constantly challenged, tested, confronted. We witness behaviour that is not okay. We see mistakes being made. We have a responsibility to deal with it.

What message are we giving our team if we tolerate poor behaviour such as letting a staff member talk down to someone else; take credit for someone else’s work or totally dominating a meeting?

How can we say that bullying behaviour will not be tolerated in our office, if we in fact let bullying behaviour go unchecked?

What are the consequences of letting bad behaviour go unchecked?

Firstly, we lose the respect of our team.

Secondly, other staff take matters into their own hands. They find ways to punish the perpetrators; they go slow, they work to rule or less. They gossip.

Thirdly, our staff will stop telling us that there is a problem because really, what’s the point?

Fourthly, we will lose our best staff because they recognise that this is not a safe workplace.

Finally, our staff say bad things about us and our company behind our backs; to members of the public outside of the organisation.

So you probably owe your team an apology if your management style has lapsed into not setting boundaries, not addressing issues when they arise, not being a leader and taking responsibility for the behaviour in your team.

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