I work too much. My family will happily tell you that I work too much.  I preach that people need to look after themselves but I still work way too much. (We teach the lessons we need to learn).

So I probably don’t have a leg to stand on when I am telling managers and business owners that they have a responsibility to ensure that they or their staff don’t work too much.

I have many friends out there who also work too much.  I come across many leaders and managers who tell me that either they have to do all of the work because no-one else can do it (well not as well as them) or that their staff won’t let anyone else do the work.

Oh the need to be needed; the need to fill in every moment of every day. Our self worth being met by the work that we do; rather than the people we are.

So us over-workers hold on to all of the work for dear life. We have an excuse, a reason for needing to do it all.

It is sometimes the end of the world if someone tries to take the work away from us.  Who are we if we don’t to all the work?  What is our identity if people don’t know us as that wonderful hardworking (long suffering) person who does it all?

It is incredibly hard to feel the feels of letting go of work and finding your self worth in something else.

I so get it. I am writing this blog on a Saturday afternoon whilst I distract myself from other work I need to do.

The problem with holding on to all the work and not letting other people help you is a bit like letting your child eat takeaway every day.  We know it is not good for us or for our staff but we do it anyway.  It’s addictive. And the long term damage is not immediately obvious; but slowly, very slowly the signs of stress and lack of self care show up.

So my question to you (and myself) is, would you let your child eat takeaway every day? If the answer is no, then you need to make a change.

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