I have to be honest. I have a terrible memory.

I remember weird stuff, like everyone’s birthday and other key events but I can’t remember any Christmas Day as a child, just snippets of those days but nothing concrete. I don’t remember much of my childhood at all.

However I remember some significant events in my childhood. Things like staying at friends’ houses and trying to impress my friends’ mothers so that they would invite me to come back and stay again.

And I have lots of memories of school. Of being involved in the school musicals, being a girly swat and organising the roster for the road crossing, taking the money I stole from my parents to buy my lunch most days.  I remember getting a detention from my best friend’s mother who was also my sport teacher because I left my sports uniform at home again (on purpose).

I remember going to the football with my younger brother, and catching the train to town and trying to stand up in the baggage carriage the whole way without falling over. I remember my brother and I going out on bikes all day every day of the summer holidays. No-one knew where we were. Such great adventures (no mobile phones).

I remember Dad deciding to buy a colour TV the day after my youngest brother was born, when he saw Bathurst on the television in the hospital. “OMG! Look at those colours!”

So I do remember some things. But there is a lot that I don’t remember.

This is not a pity party, but our family life was pretty awful when I was growing up. So I have just blocked most of that from my memory.

My family has lots of memories now. We have created a number of rituals to ensure that we are always creating great memories. Orange is our family colour that we include in every celebration; it was just something that happened organically but we made it a big thing in our family.  We celebrate Christmas in July, we now do the Mother’s Day Classic every year.  My husband has created these Awards to celebrate all his arty farty experiences throughout the year.  We have a day dedicated to a singalong of our favourite musicals.  When the kids were at school we had the Highlight of My Day so that everyone got an opportunity to share their day at dinner.

How do you create memories for your team? What are your rituals? How do celebrate your successes and how do you celebrate each other?

Great memories become part of our legacy. They are far more valuable than money or things.

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