Today is Georgie’s birthday. Georgie is my daughter. She is a wonderful young adult in the prime of her life.

Georgie has taught me more about love than anyone else in my life.

Georgie has, over the years, pushed my buttons in ways that no-one else ever has.

I have spent an extraordinary amount of time worrying about her; being frustrated with her and also for her.

We have fought a lot. There have been so many tears. We’ve had to apologize to each other a lot.

We’ve gone in to bat for each other. Celebrated each other’s successes.

We’ve gone on long long walks and barely spoken.

We’ve holidayed together overseas and not seen the same things.

We’ve been disappointed in each other. Not understood each other.

We have joyously climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge together.

We’ve spent hours in doctor’s surgeries and hospital together.

We have sold her art together.

We have lived and loved and cried and experienced a lot of life together.

But what has made it special and sometimes so incredibly challenging is that Georgie has Aspergers (and epilepsy).

She doesn’t see or experience the world the way I do.

She challenges the way I think and experience life all the time. It is such a wonderful gift and I am so grateful to her for helping me and our entire family be so more tolerant of difference.

Thank you George. I love you.

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