It’s 8 pm on a Tuesday night and Mandy has finally got the kids to bed, done the dishes and put the rubbish out. She’s back at her computer finally getting that work finished that she didn’t get to today.

What a crap day! She didn’t stop. One by one her team members had all come in to see her to discuss “that” incident from yesterday.  She just couldn’t get anything done.

And now she is exhausted. She has spent the day putting out fires; trying to stop the inevitable rumours that Alex is going to leave after the way he had been treated by Ben.  She tries to concentrate on her work; but she is struggling.  She has seen an email from her boss in her inbox that she hasn’t opened yet but the subject line is “Ben”. She thinks it best to leave this email until tomorrow morning or she won’t be able to sleep.

The team want to know what she is going to do about Ben; how can he be allowed to speak to Alex (or anyone) like that. Everyone saw it coming. Ben is such a bully; everyone knows it. But, despite all their whinging, no-one in the team will tell Ben that there is an issue. To make matters worse, Theo, her ever reliable PA, was going to put in a formal complaint but then withdrew it because he doesn’t want Ben to treat him like he treats Alex.

Shit!  She can’t pretend it didn’t happen. This time Ben went too far. She told him Alex was struggling and still he went there. Ugh!! Yet Ben can be so funny and clever; Mandy can see that he doesn’t mean to rub people up the wrong way.  

Mandy’s mind wanders… if Alex leaves then she might be able to save some money in her budget and finally get ahead… but… that probably won’t work.

What does she say to Alex if he comes into work tomorrow? What if he calls the union?  She’s tried everything to get Ben and Alex to get on; to communicate better. What if…? Maybe she could look for a transfer; maybe she’s not cut out to be a team leader.

Chances of Mandy getting some sleep tonight are zip!

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